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If you are trying to find flight academies in Virginia, then look no more! Here with Flightist Flight Schools Virginia, we have a wide assortment of opportunities to choose from at the best locations throughout the state. We have flying lesson experts at the ready to help select the best location for you. From beginner to professional, the sky's the limit!

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Discovery Flights above Virginia

Discovery Flights are an excellent chance for novice flyers in Virginia to experience flying a plane for the very first time!

The most cost efficient way for you to get the sensation of being in a cockpit is the Discovery Flight Lesson. Discovery flights afford an exemplary occasion for you to make a determination as to whether you want to commit the time and energy required to be a certified pilot. The absolute most amazing opportunity for you to get the chance to pilot an airplane, but to also learn about the control and function of the airplane, is via the Discovery flight. One of our certified flying instructors will accompany you throughout, to assist with any problems, supply you with a presentation of the instrumentation of the airplane, and teach you a trick or two. Most discovery flights are carried out in single engine, light weight aircraft like the Cessna 172 or Piper. These planes have a max cruise rate of 150 knots and are perfect for training purposes. Discovery flights typically last about an hour from start to finish. When you've reached a suitable training altitude, you will be granted the management of the aircraft to pilot. It's vital to note, that some of our centers permit ride alongs during the discovery flights, contact our friendly and knowledgeable agents to determine which centers near you can accommodate an additional person.

Right before takeoff, you'll execute a pre-flight inspection to make certain the aircraft is in condition to fly. Once the ground analysis has been performed, your instructor will demonstrate how to drive on the airstrip and make all last-minute instrument checks before launch. Flight time during your discovery flight will stretch from 25-45 mins While you are in the sky the instructor will provide further information as to the function of the plane's cockpit console and permit you to maneuver the plane on your own. They may have even been inclined to illustrate a trick or two, like a 180 degree turn, and permit you to try it also. This is a great trial opportunity for you to truly feel the experience of flying and make a decision as to whether it's a pursuit that's right for you. Don't hesitate another minute, give us a call right away at 1-888-994-9308!

Virginia Discovery Flights

Virginia Discovery Lessons

A Discovery Flight is your introduction to small craft aviation in Virginia. Take a breathtaking flight with a certified instructor who will guide you through everything you would be learning if you choose to take your fantasy of piloting to the next degree!

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Virginia Flying Lesson Gifts

Virginia Flight Lesson Gift Certificates

If you would like to give them a Christmas gift they will never forget, this is it! For someone interested in flying, we offer Discovery Flight gift cards. You can redeem our gift certificates for Discovery Flights at any time within 2 years of the date of purchase.

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Virginia Private Pilot License

Pilot Training for Sport Pilot Certificates & Private Pilot Certificates

Looking for a Virginia Sport Piloting License? We've got it! Curious about a Virginia Private Pilot License? We've got that too! We have a wide range of flight schools throughout the state of Virginia, and our flight lesson specialists are prepared to make it happen!

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Virginia Commercial Pilot Training

Becoming a Professional Pilot

Is flying what you want to do for a living? To work at this passion takes devotion; are you ready? Flightist Flight Schools Virginia will have you learn from the absolute best.

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Are you all set to touch the sky? Flightist Flight Schools Virginia has a network of affiliate flight schools in Virginia that are second to none! Test your mettle with a Discovery Flight or get your pilot's license here in Virginia. With the absolute best quality schools and teachers of the highest caliber, your aspiration in flight can be reached and it is our goal to assist you in reaching it.

Are you trying to find that certain something, maybe an experience you can't get on the ground? How about learning how to pilot an airplane? At Flightist Flight Schools Virginia, our company believes in the power of flight. The training courses and flight services we provide are all to get you up into the sky and accomplishing your goal. When you're all set to fly, Flightist Flight Schools Virginia will connect you with the very best schools to take you there. Across the country, there are more than 100 flight schools that take our gift certificates. And that number is still increasing. Not restricted only to Virginia, we have a wide range of schools readily available, based at airports both small and large. Flightist Flight Schools Virginia is ready to match you up with your optimal flight experience!